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Philip Ayckbourn

7 - 14 October 2017

Philip Ayckbourn

With the opportunity for a brand new past ahead of them, Eddie and Paula's future suddenly looks promising...

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Sat 7:45pm, Mon 7:45pm, Tue 7:45pm, Wed 7:45pm, Thu 7:45pm, Fri 7:45pm, Sat 2:45pm, Sat 7:45pm theatre


Timeshare synopsis

Set present day, thirty years in the past and thirty years in the future. Fifty-three year old Eddie and fifty-three year old Paula arrive at their timeshare property to discuss the future of their precarious marriage after Eddie’s recent infidelities. Due to the unfortunate electrocution of the villa’s maintenance man Miguel on Christmas Day a fissure in the time space continuum has resulted in Eddie and Paula coming face to face with their younger selves who are at the property for the first time and with a marriage proposal imminent. After the initial shock and confusion, the older Paula and Eddie see this glitch in time space as a perfect opportunity to alter the course of their pasts – and futures – by convincing the younger Eddie and Paula that a future together is not one to venture into but instead to pursue the dreams and loves they themselves didn’t. The beautiful and feisty Marina, Miguel’s daughter, will no doubt prove to be a useful weapon in their persuasive arsenal. A comedy about love, marriage and the chance to do it all again… but better.


Audition Sat 10 June 2017 10:30am foyer


Actors ages don’t have to be spot on with the actual ages of the characters (so long as the audience believe they’re around the ages they are, of course), it’s more important for me to match the older and younger Paula, Eddie and Marina in looks – to some extent – but particularly in height. Scripts and Audition Passages. Hard copy scripts are available from Chris Weber-Brown, email: chriswb16@hotmail.com or telephone: 07588 531888. Alternatively, scripts available on line to view and download at www.philipayckbourn.com. Navigate to the LLT Page and access the play link from there. Auditionees please look at sections below. Note: the character you’re auditioning for might have more than one interaction so please look at all scenes. Production dates: Saturday 7 October - Saturday 14 October 7:45pm excluding Sunday. Matinee Saturday 14 October 2:45pm. Rehearsal dates: Commencing Monday 31 July. Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings till 6 October. Big Sundays: 24 September and 1 October.

Character breakdown

Eddie Hobson - Aged 53

Perhaps portly and balding but not necessarily so. A man who’s boyish charm and energy has been squashed by life yet still bubbles underneath. A resigned and solemn aspect presently conceals this.

Paula Hobson - Aged 53

Perhaps portly but not necessarily so. A woman who is struggling to maintain control while all is disintegrating about her. Beneath the anger, resentment, hardness and disappointment is a passionate and romantic woman with unfulfilled longings.

Eddie Hobson - Aged 23

Has a boyish energy, charm and playful enthusiasm. Has a caustic wit when cornered and an anger that surfaces when pushed. (Also plays 83 year old version of himself but no need for ageing. See end of play.)

Paula Hobson - Aged 23

Has a managerial aspect about her and keeps her hands firmly on the reigns of her environment and on Eddie. Can be sharp-tongued when her feathers are ruffled. Behind her façade though lie deeper longings. (Also plays 83 year old version of herself but no need for ageing. See end of play.)

Marina Gomez - Aged 50

A once – although still trying to be –glamorous Spanish woman. Jaded and embittered by life and by men. Spanish accent and a few lines spoken in Spanish. (Also plays aged-up 80 year old version of herself. See end of play.)

Marina Gomez - Aged 20/21

Attractive, feisty and passionate young Spanish woman. Spanish accent and a few lines spoken in Spanish.

Miguel Gomez - Aged 70 – 80

Marina’s father. Makes a brief cameo appearance at the end and delivers one line.

Audition pieces

Marina 50 & Eddie 53 - Act 1 Scene 2

From Page 3 Marina 50: Hello, Eddie… to page 6 Marina 50: You’re not the only one with problems you know… Andrea… Andrea!

Marina 20 & Eddie 23 - Act 1 Scene 4

From Page 9 Eddie 23: (To himself.) ¿Quieres casarte conmingo? ¿Quieres casarte conmingo? to page 12 Eddie 23: Chao! Marina exits through the front door.

Eddie 23 & Paula 23 - Act 1 Scene 12

From Page 17 Paula 23: No, he was saying some pretty leery things to me and you were just sitting there grinning like an ape. To page 22 Paula hangs up. She goes to the window and looks out. She crosses to the front door and looks out. Paula 23: (Calling.) Eddie? Eddie?

Eddie 53 & Eddie 23 - Act 2 Scene 1

From page 47 Eddie 23: What are you doing back here. I thought you’d gone. To page 50 EDDIE 23: Just go!

Paula 53, Eddie 23 & Paula 23 - Act 2 Scene 1

From page 51 Paula 53: (To herself.) Rick? To page 54 Paula 23: That’s a stupid way to think.

Eddie 23 & Paula 23 - Act 2 Scene 2

From Page 57 Eddie 23: (Off.) That’s not true. To page 60 EDDIE 23: There’s no smoke without…

Miguel - Act 2 Scene 4

From Page 74 MIGUEL: Santa Maria! Miguel briefly sings along to a song in Spanish. If you sing all the better, if not you can wail along. Both would work.